How To Airbrush Shirts

Fashion is something everyone tries to keep up with, especially those in their young adult years, so what is in fashion right now? One answer may be airbrush shirts.

Airbrush shirts, also known as t-shirts, are t-shirts and other worn apparel that have had designs airbrushed on and then heat set for a unique and custom piece of clothing. Today there are many fashion designers and outlets turning to airbrush designs for their clothing, this is because the market for this type of clothing is booming and they are quick and easy to produce.

The beauty of airbrush clothing is that a design can go from imagination to clothing in a matter of minutes if someone is experienced in using an airbrush gun, in fact someone who is a novice can still produce their own clothing designs in a short time with a little help.

Making your own airbrush shirts

Many people have decided that they wish to learn the airbrush technique and produce their own clothing lines, the reasons for this are not simply monetary, but also because of the fun and artistic satisfaction one can receive from creating airbrush clothing.

While it takes a little time to master the really intricate airbrush techniques such as producing a person’s portrait on the front of a t-shirt, there are still many basic techniques that can produce professional designs even for a beginner.

How to make airbrush shirts

Now there are two ways of doing this, one is to create your designs freehand while the other is to use a pre-created stencil.

For beginners a stencil is a great way to start, to make a stencil simply create the design you want on paper then trace over it, after this place the tracing paper on card and stick it down. Once the tracing paper is stuck down well you can use a craft knife to cut your design out. Now you should be left with a very sturdy stencil that can be used time and again.

Take your t-shirt and place it on your work surface, alternatively you can use an easel which offers a better working posture. Before you go any further make sure that your t-shirt has no creases that might affect the outcome of your design.

Next take your stencil and place this on your t-shirt making sure it cannot move during the airbrush process. Now take your airbrush gun and evenly spray over your stencil onto the t-shirt.

Once you have finished carefully take off the stencil and you will be left with your grand design on the clothing, you can now freehand extra colors and designs or use other stencils to add further to your masterpiece.

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